Stephen Lawrence: Stars Line Up For Concert

Stars line up before Stephen Lawrence Unity concert at the O2

Then this fall, he released NINs first album in five years, Hesitation Marks, which is more anxious electronica than menacing industrial. But the opening night of NINs Tension 2013 Tour Saturday at Xcel Energy Center was an invigorating, if not necessarily satisfying mix of artful noise, bleak balladry, disco funk, cutting-edge lighting and middle-age angst. At 48, the intense but more centered Reznor doesnt put the same slit-your-wrists arrrghhhh into his performance like he did when he was in his 20s and 30s. In fact, he politely said thank you many times during the two-hour performance and apologized for some opening-night snafus. He did almost lose his patience when he had to ask four times to turn on the stage lights so he could introduce the band. Some of the musicians including bassist Pino Palladino, who has toured with the Who and John Mayer, and NINs first-ever backup singers Lisa Fischer (the Rolling Stones) and Sharlotte Gibson (Whitney Houston, Rod Stewart, Avenged Sevenfold) were making their stage debut with NIN. And Reznor himself was playing six songs from Hesitation Marks for the first time live; NIN had performed at several festivals in Europe and the United States this summer with a slightly different band. The 24-song set could have benefited from more rehearsal (more technical than musical issues), better pacing and the inclusion of NINs biggest hit, Closer, which was typically the closing number this summer. But then the St. Paul show had a more organic feel than NINs other Twin Cities performances in this century. Hands clenched around the microphone, biceps bulging and sweat pouring down his face, Reznor came out roaring at the X.

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You want to play at some sandwich shop next week and then some bandas coming to town that you idolize and your dream is to open for them. Those kinds of things. aThatas the great thing about starting when youare that young. Itas so organic.a Lately the two have settled into a regular, hard-working-duo-style career. Their current Two North Canadian tour is something theyave always wanted to do a just the two of them and the tour manager, no band. Driving a van from Victoria and Vancouver through Kelowna, Edmonton, Winnipeg, through Ontario and out to Halifax should be an excellent Canadian baptism by fire. Occasionally ice. Meanwhile, their only MO is to make sure they donat stagnate. Ray also maintains her own solo career and indie label and still writes as if sheas just discovering it. aWhen Iam not making a record I spend like four, five days a week, two or three hours a day, writing,a Ray says. aI do it because at one time I wanted to just get better and read all these books about writing. The one that really struck me was by Stephen King called On Writing and it really struck me, for some reason. aPart of it was that process of going into a room and writing, no matter what. Even if Iam writing the alphabet, I have to be writing.

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8:36am UK, Monday 30 September 2013 Video: Emeli Sande, Jessie J, Doreen Lawrence, Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding, Beverly Knight Email The mother of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence has said she wants her son to be remembered as a young man who had a future. Doreen Lawrence was speaking at a concert at London’s O2 Arena marking the twentieth anniversary of his death in southeast London. Artists includingRita Ora, Beverley Knight and Jessie J were joined by Emeli Sande, Ellie Goulding and Ed Sheeranfor Unity – A Concert For Stephen Lawrence. Doreen Lawrence: ‘Stephen didn’t distinguish between white and black’ Opening the event, television presenter and DJ Reggie Yates said: “Stephen’s name represents a reason to fight and positive steps forward against racism in Britain. “We are here to help raise awareness of and celebrate the amazing work of the Stephen Lawrence trust.” Doreen Lawrence, who accepted a peerage this year for her tireless campaign for justice for Stephen, said her son would be “smiling down” on the show. “Stephen’s story seems to resonate for so many people.He would have loved this because he really loved music,” she said. “I would like Stephen to be remembered as a young man who had a future. Hip hop due Rizzle Kicks before the event “He was well loved, and had he been given the chance to survive maybe he would have been the one to bridge the gap between black and white because he didn’t distinguish between black or white. He saw people as people. The concert was part of the SL20 Campaign which is celebrating Stephen’s life with a series of awareness-raising events through the year. Funds from the show will go to The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, which aims to create brighter futures for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Jamie Cullum arrives for the concert The Lawrence family were rocked by allegations in June that the Metropolitan Police spied on the Stephen Lawrence Campaign. A former police officer who spent four years living undercover in protest groups claims he was asked to find “dirt” on the campaign shortly after Stephen’s murder in April 1993. The allegations are being investigated by Derbyshire’s chief constable, Mick Creedon. Related Stories