Flesh-eating Street Drug From Russia Hits The Us

Inside the story the author quotes a former Saudi embassy official who claims, “The Saudis will use all tools available to oust Assadand intensify its efforts to arm the rebels and to use its media outlets and diplomatic clout to rally support for a military strike.” These claims are corroborated in the story by high-ranking Saudi officials making the same argument. Lastly, although the chemical weapons controversy in Syria has been covered extensively, it seems clear that the motive and opportunity for a false-flag attack was present. It was reported that the Syrian rebels did have access to chemical weapons, most prominently by UN inspector Carla del Ponte . Also, Turkey charged members of the Al-Nusra front with trafficking chemical weapons in late May. A group of independent technical analysts has discovered notable inconsistencies in both the UN Report and the evidence of regime responsibility for the chemical attacks presented by US government officials. Aside from this technical critique, however, the Syrian government has not behaved like a guilty state, but rather has been very willing to permit UN investigators into their country. Many experts claimed that the Syrian air forces bombings in Ghouta after the chemical weapons attack prove the Syrian governments attempts to hide evidence. Yet, as the New York Times reported , chemical weapons attacks with chemicals such as those used in Ghouta leave traces behind for years and are nearly impossible to cover-up. The inability to hide the attack illustrates the fact that the Syrian government could not have expected to use chemical weapons and escape detection. The inability to escape detection means the Syrian government had no reason to think the use of chemical weapons would increase its chances for survival. Many officials within the US are skeptical of the “proof” US officials claim to have of Syrias guilt in the use of chemical weapons. A call from the VIPS (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity), a group of concerned former officials and experts within the Defense and Intelligence bureaucracy have stated their belief that the intelligence about chemical weapons is suspect and that Obama and the nation may once again be manipulated into a war under false pretenses. A few days after the alleged attack, the AP quoted US intelligence officials who, anonymously, stated the intelligence on Syrian guilt in the bombings was “no slam dunk” . In a free, democratic and open society, these claims should be interrogated publicly to determine the social “truth”.

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