Chris Huhne: Uk May Have To Export Fracking Gas To Rest Of Europe

UK university drops investment in U.S. drone firm after protests

He said gas prices in the US, which are three times lower than UK wholesale gas prices could be attributed to the US “fracking revolution”. The former Lib Dem MP said UK gas prices could be lowered due to the import of fracking gas from the United States. He told Humphreys: “The speed of the fracking revolution in the US has happened so quickly the investors have been unable to keep up with turning import terminals, which theyre expected to have to use, into export terminals. Its certainly worth doing, massively worth doing. There are lots of proposals outstanding to the US government outstanding for approval for export terminals, and so far just four have been approved, and there are another 10 awaiting approval. What we need is lots and lots of those approvals, because that will gradually equalise the gas price in the US with the rest of the world. At the moment theyre getting a tremendous competitive advantage from that low gas price, because of all the gas being locked in as these export facilities simply arent there yet.” Huhne maintained the UK government must continue to apply pressure to the US to develop export terminals for fracking gas in order for the gas to be exported to the UK, which in turn would lower gas prices. He said many American businesses and trade unions oppose the building of export terminals, and that the US is legally obliged to share strategic commodities under the World Trade Organisation. Earlier this month a report by the American Chemistry Council claimed shale gas had given the US a “profound and sustained competitive advantage” in chemicals, plastics, and related industries. He also blamed high energy costs on the Treasury, which he claimed resisted calls to provide greater incentives for homeowners and businesses to improve energy efficiency, instead choosing to give relief to fracking firms. Huhne was jailed for eight months in March this year for perverting the course of justice over a 2003 spending case.

Chris Huhne: UK may have to export fracking gas to rest of Europe: Former energy minister Chris Huhne

fleet of Predator and Reaper unmanned aerial vehicles . Armed with Hellfire missiles, they are sent on covert targeted killing missions against suspected terrorist cells in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. But according to the Bureau for Investigative Journalism at City University in London, more than 430 strikes since 2002 have killed at least 428 civilians, of whom 173 were children. Edinburgh University Students Association (Eusa) , the student environmental group People and Planet , and the human rights charity Reprieve launched a campaign for the university to disinvest in June . A response from the university issued under a freedom of information request had revealed an investment of 1,244,672 in Ultra Electronics at the end of 2012. According to the university, the investment has been under active management since then and has reduced to about 400,000. Having taken on board concerns raised by Eusa, we have taken the decision to disinvest in Ultra Electronics, a university spokeswoman told the Guardian. We are committed to socially responsible investment and are the first university in Europe to sign up to the UN principles of responsible investment . Edinburgh University has an investment portfolio of about 230m, the third largest in the UK after Oxford and Cambridge. Its money is invested in more than 100 companies, including Shell, Total, Tesco and Monsanto. The universitys move has been welcomed by campaigners, who are now urging disinvestment in fossil fuel companies. The process of cleaning up the universitys investments can and must be taken further to the issue of environmental responsibility, said Undine Schmidt from People and Planet.